Target Your Core : Train the abs in a minimal amount of time

Target Your Core : Train the abs in a minimal amount of time

You don’t need a fancy machine or tons of time to train your abs. With this speedy routine, a few minutes and a stability ball are all it takes to score a tighter core.

For many active women these days, having a healthy, strong body is our main goal in the gym, and a defined midsection is definitely the icing on the cake. But how do we achieve that physique? We know that balanced, clean nutrition is the cornerstone of a six pack, but what about optimal exercises? At one point or another, we have all asked the question: which exercises are the most effective and efficient, and which are just a waste of precious gym time?
To be straight up: you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
Performing basic, time-tested moves while practicing a mind-muscle connection is going to be most effective in developing solid, sculpted abs. And as long as you are properly engaging the targeted muscles while using a full range of motion, there’s no reason to spend a ton of time training this area. All you need is 15 minutes at the end of a workout or on a rest day to knock out this routine.

To thoroughly train the abs in a minimal amount of time.

A stopwatch and a stability ball.

Why It Works:
This routine is timed using a stopwatch.
Timing your sets forces you to focus on form and efficiency, getting the most out of each second. It’s also super motivating for those with a competitive nature.

How to: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, one after the other. After you’ve completed all the exercises, rest for one minute, then repeat.
Complete four rounds.

Stability Ball Crunch

 A                                                                         B

Target your coreTarget your core

Lie face up with the stability ball positioned in the middle of your back. Extend your arms straight above your chest (A). Contract your core and crunch up, lifting your upper back off the ball and driving your hands towards the ceiling (B). Lower back down, getting a stretch through the abdominals.
Repeat for all reps.

Planking Frog Tuck

Target you coreTarget your core

Get into push-up position with shoulders stacked above your wrists and legs straight out behind you (A). Bend your right knee and bring it to meet your right elbow (B). Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Continue alternating quickly for all reps.

Side Plank Dip

Target your coreTarget your core

Get into a side plank with your forearm flat on the floor and feet and hips stacked (A). Using control, lower your hips towards the floor without touching it (B), then raise back to the starting position. Complete all reps on this side then repeat on the other side.

Stability Ball Leg Raise

Target your coreTarget your core

Lie on the floor on your back with the ball held between your calves and extend your arms above your head (A). Crunch up, raising your legs and arms simultaneously to meet in the middle (B).
Slowly lower both back to the ground. Repeat for all reps.

Toe Touch Pulsing Crunch

Target your core

Lie on your back on the floor with legs raised straight in the air to 90 degrees. Extend your arms above your chest. Keeping your arms and legs straight, crunch up a few inches, reaching your fingertips towards your toes, and back down in a pulsing motion for all reps.

Stability Ball Tuck

Target your coreTarget your core

Begin in a push-up position with your feet on a stability ball (A).
Keeping your upper body stationary, bend your knees and pull the ball towards you (B).
Extend your legs to return to the starting position and repeat.


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