Blitz 300 calories IN 30 MINUTES

Blitz 300 calories IN 30 MINUTES

Get your heart rate up and create lean limbs with
this half hour total body workout

When the nights are dark and cold, an hour-plus exercise session is enough to send us running for the sofa for a night of reality TV. But you can now get sky high energy levels and a body to boot with our top-to-toe workout in just 30 minutes. “Circuit training is a great way of combining different principles of fitness with different areas of the body and can often be completed in a short space of time,” personal trainer Chris Grimwood tells us. “This workout covers all areas of the body with a focus on hitting the high reps that are key to sculpt those all important areas.” Let’s go!


  • Aim to complete each rep of every exercise and repeat this circuit three times for the ultimate 30-minute body burn
  • Try to complete each exercise without a rest – this will keep your heart rate up and your calories burning at a rapid pace
  • You will need a barbell, kettlebell or two dumbbells, a bench and a Swiss ball. Make sure you choose a weight that is comfortable for you



40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 3 sets

  1. Start with your feet together and your arms by your sides
  2. In one fluid movement jump your feet apart and clap your hands above your head
  3. Return to the start position and repeat



20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Start with your feet in a wide stance and hold the kettlebell by the handle, keeping your back straight
  2. Bend your knees, pushing your bum back and swing the kettlebell backwards between your legs
  3. Engage your core and bring the weight back through your legs and up to shoulder height. Repeat
    PT TIP Kettlebell swings focus on the posterior chain of muscles that are vital for us to improve our overall strength.
    Make sure your abs stay tight to support your lower back


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Start by standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart and with an overhand grip on the barbell (or two dumbbells) just slightly wider than your thighs
  2. Tip forward from your hips by bending slightly through your knees. Keep your chest up and your back straight as you pull the barbell into your navel and release to your knees. Repeat for the set
    PT TIP Make sure you keep your core engaged and your shoulder blades squeezed together at the top of every rep


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Begin by sitting upright on a Swiss ball with a dumbbell in each hand
  2. Slowly walk your feet forward so you are lying back on the ball as it rolls under your shoulders, making sure it is supporting your neck and head
  3. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and bring the dumbbells down so that they are in line with your shoulders
  4. Push the dumbbells straight up and meet them together at the top of each rep. Repeat for the set


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Lying on your back on a bench, bring a light barbell (or two dumbbells) directly above your shoulders with your arms straight and your hands in a narrow, overhand grip
  2. Slowly curl the barbell back towards your forehead keeping your elbows tucked in above your shoulders
  3. Push the barbell back up to finish the rep above your shoulders. Repeat for the set
    PT TIP Try to achieve a 90 degree angle with your elbows at the bottom of each rep.


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Start in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand on either side of your hips with the palms of your hands facing into your body
  2. Slowly raise the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, twisting your hands up, keeping the palms facing in and your elbows back directly under your shoulders. Try to squeeze your bicep muscles at the top.
  3. Slowly lower to a straight arm and repeat for the set


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. In a seated position with your feet and knees together, take the kettlebell by the handle and lean back slightly to engage your abdominals
  2. Slowly twist through your abs, lower the bell to the side of your body but keep it off the floor
  3. Twist back through to the other side and repeat for the set
    PT TIP To make this exercise more difficult, raise and keep your feet off the floor, but be sure to keep your abs braced to support your lower back


20 reps for 3 sets

  1. Lying on your back on a bench or the floor, bend your knees and bring them over your hips in a 90 degree angle
  2. Hold a plate or dumbbell with straight arms directly above your shoulders. Extend one leg and at the same time extend the weight behind your head
  3. Bring the weight and the extended leg simultaneously together into a crunch. Repeat alternating between both legs on each rep for the set

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